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How to Quickly Turn Your Slides Into Narrated Videos

These days I’m getting more questions than ever before about creating digital teaching materials. One quick way to do this is to take some of your existing slides and make a screencast of yourself talking over those slides. Another quick way to is to use a new tool called Video Puppet that will turn your slides into a narrated video.

Video Puppet will take your PowerPoint slides and convert them into a narrated video for you. If you’re a Google Slides user you can download your slides as a PowerPoint file to then use in Video Puppet.

You can use Video Puppet for free without registering on the site. The limitation on the free plan is that your slideshow can have a maximum of twenty slides. That should be more than adequate for most classroom applications. Anything longer than that and students will probably tune out anyway. You’re probably better off making two videos that have ten slides than one video that has twenty slides.

In this video I demonstrate how you can use Video Puppet to quickly create a video from your PowerPoint slides.

Online PD Now and This Summer!

The Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp is going to be online this year. Tickets will go on sale on May 1st. Head here to get a discount code.

Can’t wait for summer, you can access a selection of my PD webinars on-demand right now.