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How to Create B-roll Media Galleries For and With Your Students

Last week I posted a guide to finding copyright-friendly media to use in your classroom projects. One of the first things that I mention in that guide is to try use your own pictures, videos, and sounds whenever possible. What I forgot to include was a suggestion to build a B-roll media gallery for and with your students.

What is a B-roll Gallery?

A B-roll gallery is a collection of media that you have on hand for your students to use in their multimedia projects. These galleries can consist of media that you’ve found in the public domain and put into easily accessible folders that you share with your students. B-roll galleries could also contain images, videos, and audio you’ve created to share with students. Or your B-roll galleries could have contributions from your students who have given permission to let their classmates use their pictures, videos, and audio recordings.

How to Create a B-roll Gallery

There are a few ways that you can approach creating a B-roll gallery. G Suite for Edu users can create a shared Google Drive folder or put media into the “materials” section in your Google Classroom. Those who prefer to use Microsoft products can build shared OneNote notebooks or OneDrive folders. And if you’re looking for something outside of those options, a shared Dropbox or Box folder could be the way to go.

Collect Student Contributions to B-roll Galleries

To get students to contribute to the creation of a B-roll gallery you could give them direct access to upload to a folder in Google Drive or OneDrive. But that could get messy with too many students adding and moving things around in those folders. That’s why I’d recommend collecting files through either a Google Form or Microsoft Form. In both cases students can upload files and those files will be in folders that you can organize before sharing. This video shows you how to collect files in Google Forms. This video shows you how to collect files in Microsoft Forms.

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