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15 Tips on Using Media in Google Slides

This week on Free Technology for Teachers I published a series of posts featuring videos that demonstrated need-to-know features of Google Slides. The posts covered what you need to know about using images, audio, and video in Google Slides. I’ve put all three videos together here.

Five Ways to Edit Images in Google Slides

1. Cropping images.
2. Adding custom borders to images.
3. Drop shadows.
4. Edit image transparency and contrast.
5. Adding Instagram-like filters.

Five Tips on Using Audio in Google Slides

1. How to upload audio files.
2. How to loop audio.
3. How to hide audio icon.
4. How to adjust audio icon.
5. Sharing settings for audio files.

Five Tips for Using Video in Google Slides

1. Three ways to add audio.
2. Automatic playback.
3. Selecting specific portions for playback.
4. Muting audio within the video.
5. Adding drop shadows.

Many more tips…

You can find lots of other tips about all things G Suite on my YouTube channel. I also have a series of on-demand webinars to watch right now.