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Formative Assessment Methods for Virtual & Hybrid Classrooms – Webinar Next Tuesday

Getting students to interact with you and each other is a challenge for many of us who have recently transitioned to virtual and or hybrid classrooms. Without that interaction it can be tough to get a sense of whether or not students are “getting it.” In this one-hour webinar I’ll share five formative assessment methods that work in virtual and hybrid classrooms.

In Formative Assessments for Virtual and Hybrid Classrooms I’m going to share the tools and techniques that I’m using to get students to interact and to gauge their understanding of the day’s lesson as well as the current unit as a whole.

In this webinar you will learn how to use free tech tools to create and conduct fun, engaging, and informative formative assessments. Whether you teach elementary school, middle school, or high school, you will come away from this webinar with fun formative assessment activities that you can do tomorrow.

Formative Assessments for Virtual and Hybrid Classrooms addresses the needs of teachers who are trying to find new ways to engage students in learning and sharing in virtual and hybrid environments.

Five Things You Can Learn In This Live Webinar:

  1. What makes a formative assessment valuable to you while also interesting for students.
  2. How to create fun formative assessments for virtual and hybrid classrooms.
  3. Why you should leverage students’ picture-taking habits for formative assessment.
  4. Development of engaging formative assessment activities that use a variety of question formats.
  5. How to include students in the creation of formative assessments.

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When is it?

  • Live on Tuesday, November 17th at 4pm ET!
  • It will be recorded for those who register but cannot attend the live session.

What’s included?

  • Live webinar
  • Q&A
  • Access to the recording.
  • Certificate

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