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How to Record Voice Notes in Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Docs

Mote is a Chrome extension that can be used to record voice notes directly within Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Documents. One of its many convenient features is that students do not need to have the extension installed in order to listen to your voice notes.

Mote offers a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan lets you record for up to thirty seconds per recording. You can make and share as many thirty recordings as you like with the free plan. The paid plans let you record for more time and provides automated text transcription of your voice recordings.

Why Use Mote?

Besides the convenience of speaking your comments instead of typing them, there is another benefit to using Mote. That benefit is allowing you to use your voice inflection to convey the meaning of your comments in a way that would be difficult and or time-consuming to do with text. This allows some students to have a better understanding of the feedback you’re providing.

Record Voice Notes in Gmail

Record Voice Notes in Google Slides

Record Voice Notes in Google Classroom

Record Voice Notes in Google Documents

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