e-Comments Makes It Easy to Add Canned Comments to Documents and Learning Management Systems

e-Comments is a Chrome extension that lets you add canned comments to Google Docs, Word documents, Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and just about any page that has a commenting feature.

e-Comments provides a huge bank of pre-made comments arranged by grade level and skill. With the e-Comment extension installed simply open it and scroll to the bottom of the comment bank to select the grade level that you want to use. Then you can simply insert comments from the bank into a document or LMS. Watch this video for a short overview of e-Comments.

e-Comments does more than what I demonstrated in the video above. You can also use it to create your own comments. Those comments can be added to the stock comment bank or you can add them to an entirely new comment bank that you create on your own. There is also a capability in e-Comments to record your own video and voice comments to add to your comment bank.

In the following video I provide a complete overview of everything e-Comments can do including:

  • Recording video comments
  • Recording voice comments
  • Creating and saving text comments
  • Creating a new comment bank
  • The advantage of e-Comments over the standard canned comments in Google Classroom.

Disclosure: e-Comments is an advertiser. All content written in this blog post and in the videos was created by me, Richard Byrne.

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