How to Combine Canva and TeacherMade to Make Online Activities

I originally created the video in this post for my other blog, Free Technology for Teachers. I liked it so much that I decided to feature it as my tip of the week in my weekly newsletter. If you don’t follow either of those publications, the same information is included below.

Canva offers nearly two thousand worksheet and graphic organizer templates for teachers to copy, modify, and download as PDFs. TeacherMade is a service that enables you to turn any PDF you own into an online activity.

In a free TeacherMade account you can upload a PDF then add to it fillable text boxes, lines for matching activities, multiple choice questions, and interactive hotspots to highlight specific points in the PDF. You can also use TeacherMade to add audio to an uploaded PDF. Depending upon the type of questions that you select, TeacherMade will automatically score assignments for you.

In this short video I demonstrate how you can use Canva and TeacherMade together to create online worksheets for your students. The video also shows how a student can access the online activities that you create with TeacherMade.

On a related note, Google Jamboard and Google Classroom can be combined to create online labeling activities to share with your students. Here’s a short overview of how to do that.

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