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New Google Forms & Microsoft Forms Features for Teachers

While many of us don’t want to think about it quite yet, the folks at Google and Microsoft seem to already be thinking about back-to-school season. For evidence of that just look at the recent updates to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms that are available now and or will be ready very soon.

Convert Word Docs or PDFs Into Microsoft Forms

This is probably the most exciting update of all of the recent updates. You can now import into Microsoft Form a PDF or a Word document and have it automatically converted into a quiz. You can review results of the conversion into Microsoft Forms format and edit the form, if needed, before giving it to your students.

This feature is available now in some Microsoft Office 365 Education accounts now and will be available in all education accounts later this summer. You can learn more and see screenshots of the conversion process here.

New Font and Formatting Options in Google Forms

These updates are quite as exciting as the Microsoft Forms update, but it’s still going to make a lot of teachers happy. In Google Forms you can now use the same fonts that you like to use Google Docs. That includes fonts like Lexend, Rock Salt, and Lobster. You can use those fonts for titles, section headers, and questions. Additionally, you can customize the size of those fonts for each implementation of them. Watch this short video to see how to add custom fonts to Google Forms.

The other new text formatting option in Google Forms is the ability to use rich text formatting. That means you can now bold, italicize, underline, hyperlink the text in your form’s titles, section headers, and questions. As I demonstrated in this short video, you could use the hyperlink option to include an external article as part of a question or prompt in your Google Forms quizzes.

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