How to Create Green Screen Videos in WeVideo

A couple of weeks ago I shared some ideas for green screen video projects for students. In that post I also included directions for using Canva’s new green screen video tool. Canva isn’t the only online tool that you can use to create green screen videos. For many years I’ve recommended using WeVideo for that purpose. Recently, WeVideo updated their video editor to make it easier to create green screen videos.

In this brief video I demonstrate how to create a green screen video in WeVideo. Make sure you watch until the end to get an important tip about image orientation when creating green screen videos in WeVideo.

In the demonstration video above, I used a video clip that recorded with WeVideo’s built-in webcam recording option. You can also record in front of a green screen using any camera that will create an MP4 file. Then import that video file into your WeVideo account to edit your green screen video.

You can purchase green screen kits. However, I wouldn’t do that if you’ve never made a green screen video before and you just want to try it out for the first time. What I do is use a simple flat green bed sheet that I stretch tightly against a wall and then move some lamps around to try to get the lighting relatively even. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good way to see if making green screen videos is something you want to pursue before spending too much money on a full green screen kit.