A Fun Tech Tool to Start the New Year

Happy New Year!

This week I was going write some tech tips for sticking to New Year’s resolutions and taking care of yourself in 2023. But I did that last year and I wouldn’t change much from what I wrote then. So instead I thought I would start the year by sharing a fun tech tool to use in your classroom.

Animate from Audio hosted by Adobe Express is a fun little tool that matches your spoken words to an animated character of your choosing. The finished product is a short video that you can download as an MP4 and or share on your favorite websites.

To create a video with Animate from Audio simply head to the site then select the character that you want to animate. Then record your spoken audio. After recording your audio Adobe Express then matches your audio to movements of your chosen character. The more inflection in your speech, the more movement you’ll see in the character. Watch this video to see how Animate from Audio works.

Three Ideas for Using Animate from Audio

  • Have students create short animated videos to introduce themselves to their new online or in-person classmates.
  • Have students record themselves reading short stories that they’ve written.
  • Combine a few Animate from Audio videos to create a short cartoon story.

A New Course to Start 2023!

Last month I hosted a webinar about creating and selling digital teaching products. There were so many follow-up questions that it quickly became clear to me that I needed to create a longer course on the same topic. So that’s what I did. How to Create and Sell Your Own Digital Products is now a four-part course that starts on January 10th. Learn more and register here!

50 Tech Tuesday Tips & Workshops

50 Tech Tuesday Tips is an eBook that I created with busy tech coaches, tech support staff, and media specialists in mind. In it you’ll find 50 ideas and tutorials that you can use as the basis of your own short PD sessions.

I offer on-site and online workshops on a variety of educational technology topics. Book me for an in-person workshop in 2023 and I’ll include copies of my eBook for all of your staff. Send me an email or fill out this form to learn more.