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Creating Playlists for Training and Directing People to the Help They Need

After years of having almost no organization on my YouTube channel, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks organizing it into playlists. I’ve done that partly because the lack of organization was driving me nuts and partly in anticipation of some workshops this spring and summer. Perhaps you’re planning to host some as well.

Anyone who has ever been the leader of a tech training session will tell you that it is darn near impossible to anticipate every question and scenario that will arise. Some of those you can address on the fly, but others will require some follow-up. One way to provide nearly instant follow-up is to have a resource page that houses tutorial videos.

One easy way to create a resource page of tutorial videos is to simply make some playlists in your YouTube account. If you’ve never done that, watch this short tutorial to learn how to make a playlist. On a related note, here’s a tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel.

Google Sites is another good option for building training resource pages. You can quickly embed individual videos or entire YouTube playlists into your resource pages in Google Sites. This video shows you how that’s done.

Use Forms to Direct People to the Help They Need

Directing people to a resource page is nice. What’s nicer is providing a way for them to figure out which video(s) they should watch. Having clear titles is a great first step (that’s why my videos don’t have clickbait titles). A great second step is using Microsoft Forms of Google Forms to direct people to the videos they need.

By using branching logic in Microsoft Forms or Google Forms you can create questions that direct people to different resources based on how they answer the questions. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that with Google Forms. And here’s how to use branching logic in Microsoft Forms.

Animated Explanations

Animated Explanations is a course that I hosted late last year. It’s now available in an on-demand format right here!

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