An Updated Guide to Finding Media for Classroom Projects

I teased this last week and now it’s here. What am I referring to? It’s my updated guide to finding media for classroom projects. 

Over the last year some of my old favorite sources of media for classroom projects changed or completely disappeared. They’ve been replaced by some new and updated sources for free sound effects, music, videos, pictures, and drawings to use in classroom projects.

How to Get a Copy of the Guide

People who are subscribed to my Practical Ed Tech Tip-of-the-Week Newsletter had a copy of the guide emailed to them on Sunday evening. If you’d like a copy emailed to you, sign-up for my newsletter and I’ll be happy to send it to you. A few highlights from the guide are included below.

CocoMaterial is an online library of more than 2,500 drawings that you can download and re-use for free. Unlike some similar sites, CocoMaterial doesn’t offer anything but drawings and doesn’t litter the search results page with advertisements for other images that you have to purchase.

Coverr is a website that offers free B-roll video clips that you can download and reuse in your own projects. Most of the videos are silent and are short clips of less than a minute. Downloading them takes just one click. Registration is not required in order to download from Coverr and, according to Coverr’s terms of service, attribution is not required although it is appreciated. You can search for videos on Coverr by entering simple keywords like “dog” and “cat.” The other option for discovering videos on Coverr is to simply browse through the thematic collections of stock video clips. 

Openverse can be used to find Creative Commons-licensed and public domain pictures and audio files. The best aspect of Openverse is that it provides a clear explanation of how you can and can’t use a particular image or audio file. It also provides pre-formatted text to use when citing the source of an image or audio file. Watch this video to learn how to use Openverse to find free music for classroom projects. 

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