Edpuzzle Adds AI-Generated Questions

Edpuzzle is a tool that I’ve used for years to add questions to videos that I’ve made and videos that I’ve found on the web. At the start of 2020 it became more popular than ever as teachers watched this video to learn how to create video lessons without making their own recordings.

This week Edpuzzle made it easier than ever before to add interactive questions into videos that you’ve made or found online. That’s done through the use of an AI feature called Edpuzzle Teacher Assist.

Edpuzzle’s Teacher Assist feature will automatically generate questions that you can add into the video assignments that you give to your students. With just a click you can have multiple choice and short-answer questions added to videos you’ve made and videos that you’ve found online.

Watch this short video to see Edpuzzle Teacher Assist in action.

As with any AI tool, you’ll want to fact-check the questions and answers that Teach Assist generates.