Don’t Fear the Update!

This morning I opened my relatively new MacBook Air and saw a little green update notification in Chrome. Seeing that notification reminded me of all the laptops my students and I saw in my computer repair class that we’re eons behind in updates.

Whenever I or my students would take in a laptop for service we’d always check for updates before doing anything else. Many times that’s all that was needed to fix the problems people were having with their computers.

But when we’d ask why an update hadn’t been run the answer was almost always something like, “I didn’t want to lose my browser tabs” or “I was afraid I’d mess up something.”

Run That Beautiful Chrome Update!

There used to be Bush’s Baked Beans commercial that ended with a dog that said, “roll that beautiful bean footage.” It cracked me up. Watch it here if you’re so inclined. Anyway, run that beautiful Chrome update.

Running the Chrome update won’t cause you to lose any browser tabs because they all re-appear when you relaunch Chrome. It’s quite amazing!

Running the Chrome update ensures that you’re on the latest version which not only gives you the latest features, it also helps to maintain the security and performance of your computer.