Teaching Search Strategies in History Classes

Earlier this year I listed the educational technology topics that I’m still passionate about after all these years. One of those topics is search strategies and discovery tools for students. To that end, I’ve recently updated my e-book on Teaching Search Strategies to History Students.

In my updated e-book Teaching Search Strategies to History Students I outline activities that you can use in middle school and high school classrooms (grades 5-12). When you purchase a copy of the e-book you can use the activities exactly as written (you have permission to use the images I’ve included) or modify them to meet your students’ needs.

I wrote Teaching Search Strategies to History Students to help you help your students go beyond the first page of search results. To that end, I provide guidance on using search tools and databases that students often overlook. These include tools like Google Scholar’s patent and court search, Get The Research, and myriad of online archives and databases.

Teaching Search Strategies to History Students was written for middle school and high school social studies teachers who have heard students say, “I can’t find anything on this.”