The ICYMI Edition (Where I’ve Been)

I hope that the new school year is going well for you. The start of this school year has been like none other for me. And that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a couple of weeks. This week I’m going to share what’s been happening and then I’ll share my favorite tip of the week.

I went back to school!

A few weeks ago I went back to school as a student. I’m enrolled in an online program to get a Juris Doctorate. In other words, I’m going to law school at Vermont Law and Graduate School. I have classes from 6:30pm to 9pm three or four times a week. If you’re curious, head here to learn more about the program I’m in.

I stopped daily blogging.

After nearly 17 years of daily blogging, I stopped doing that at the end of August. The short answer to “why did you stop?” is that I sold to I had been looking for a buyer for it for more than a year. I had some offers, but they all came from companies that I thought would just gut the site and not leave the archives up for people who wanted to read them. And then TeacherMade came along and made an offer that included keeping the archives active as well as continuing to update the site. You can see the archives here.

I’m still making tutorials!

I’m still producing new videos on my YouTube channel. My goal is to publish five new tutorials a week during the school year.

Practical Ed Tech Courses

Nothing is changing with my website. I still own that and am still hosting professional development courses through it. In fact, you can start one right now if you like.

Tip of the Week!

Now that the first few weeks of school are under my belt, I will be resuming writing weekly emails. You might notice some changes in formatting as the semester progresses and some editions may be sent on my behalf from a email address.

This week’s tip!

At the start of every school year I like to remind people to be mindful of the media they use in classroom projects. To that end, I offer this free guide to finding media for classroom projects. Some of my favorite resources from that guide are highlighted in a new video titled Five Good Places to Find Images for Classroom Projects.