Research Guides for Students and Teachers

Researching small, nuanced topics in civil legislation and regulations is one of the things that I’m spending a lot of time doing this fall. Through that process I’ve become familiar with a new aspect of the Library of Congress that I had previously overlooked.

The Library of Congress offers in-depth research guides for hundreds of topics divided into twenty-five groups. Some of the many research guides you might find helpful to you and your students include Music in the United StatesGeography & Maps; an Illustrated Guide, and Halloween & Día de Muertos Resources.

Last week I made a brief video overview of the research guides provided by the Library of Congress. You can watch that video here.

These are the other videos I produced last week:

1. How to Use AI to Create Images in Adobe Express

2. How to Remove Video Backgrounds – It’s Easy in Canva

3. How to Change the Default Font in Word

4. Three Good Tools for Creating Rubrics Online

5. How to Create a Map-based Quiz in TeacherMade

Online PD Courses

Even though I’m no longer writing two or more blog posts every day, I’m still maintaining my online PD courses. You can find them all here.

I hope you have a ball at school this week. #dadjokes