Three Quick Quiz Tips

A couple of weeks ago I shared a few ways to speed up the process of giving your students meaningful feedback when they take a quiz or submit a writing assignment. (If you missed that newsletter, you can see it here). This week I have some tips for quickly creating quizzes and similar assignments. 

Repurpose Existing PDFs and Docs

If you’re a digital packrat like me, you probably have some PDFs, Word files, or Google Docs that you use every year with just a tweak or two. Eduease is a new tool that can do more than just make a tweak or two to those old documents. Eduease will generate an entire quiz from the PDFs that you upload to it. Watch this video to see Eduease in action. Remember, any Google Doc or Word document can be exported to PDF so that it can be used in a tool like Eduease.

On the topic of Word documents, last year Microsoft Forms got a feature that allows you to convert your Word documents into Microsoft Forms quizzes. It’s not without quirks, but it’s good on the whole. The first part of this tutorial demonstrates how the Word to Forms conversion is done. 

Let Google Bard Quickly Create a Quiz

Google Bard makes it easy to create multiple choice and true/false quizzes about a variety of topics commonly taught in middle school and high school classrooms. All you have to do is enter a prompt like, “create a multiple choice quiz about the parts of speech” and Bard will create a multiple choice quiz and an answer key for it. The quiz that Bard generates can be exported to Google Docs and edited in Google Docs. Here’s a demo of how it works. 

As I mentioned in last week’s post, Google Bard is also handy for making fun assignments like Mad Libs writing activities for your students. That process is demonstrated here

Quickly Create Video Quizzes

Both ChatGPT and Google Bard will generate quiz questions based on the transcript of a video. That process requires you to copy the transcript, paste it into ChatGPT or Bard, and then copy the generated questions and paste them into a document. A faster method is to use Twee

Twee will generate a set of questions based on any YouTube that you choose. Simply supply the URL for the video and Twee does the rest. You can then give the video and questions directly to your students from one Twee URL. Here’s a demo of how it works. 

Limited Availability for “House Calls”

Last week someone asked me if I’m still offering workshops. Yes, I am. I don’t have nearly as much availability as I used to, but I still offer in-person workshops at schools and conferences. Send me an email if you’d like to learn more about what I offer.