Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Two Great Ways to Create Storytelling Websites

If a picture tells a thousand words, five or six pictures tells five or six thousand words. Assembling five or six favorite pictures is a great way to get students thinking about telling and writing a personal story. Similarly, gathering fix or six pictures representative of an event can be a good way to get students thinking about the whole event. Your students can do this with slides or an audio slideshow. Another way to have students gather, display, and write about pictures is to have them create simple webpages designed for storytelling. There are two excellent platforms that students can use to create simple storytelling websites.

Canva is a great tool for creating all types of graphics and slides. A few months ago Canva introduced the option to publish your designs as simple, stand-alone webpages. If your students insert their own pictures into a slide deck template or an infographic template in Canva, they can then publish that template as a stand-alone webpage. All Canva templates can be modified to include as much or as little text as you want to use. Watch the following short video to learn more about publishing Canva templates.

Adobe Spark might be best known in education circles for the great video creation tool that it contains. But Adobe Spark also has an excellent tool for creating simple webpages for telling stories. Use the “Page” option in Adobe Spark to craft a simple webpage that displays your favorite pictures and some text. Take a look at my sample page here. Watch my video below to learn how to use the “Page” tool in Adobe Spark.

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