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Three Ways to Create Interactive Images & Diagrams

Adding interactive elements makes it possible to pack more information into a diagram, chart, or image. You could do this to enhance the references and digital handouts that you give to your students. Likewise, your students can add interactive elements to their diagrams and images deliver more thorough explanations. Here are three ways to create interactive images and diagrams with tools that you’re probably already using.

Google Slides has a lot of capabilities that often go overlooked. One of those capabilities is the option to link slides so that viewers don’t have to necessarily see them in a chronological sequence. By linking slides you can create an interactive diagram in Google Slides. In this video I demonstrate how to create an interactive diagram in Google Slides. You can try my diagram yourself by viewing the slides here.

PowerPoint can also be used to make interactive diagrams. I made the following video that demonstrates how to make interactive diagrams in PowerPoint.

Google Drawings can be used to create interactive diagrams, but because you only have one frame to work with, it is better suited to making interactive images as I demonstrate in the following video.

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