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Plug-ins and Add-ons for Adding Images to Documents & Slides

Pixabay is one of my favorite places to find public domain images to use in all kinds of projects including slideshows, blog posts, videos, and documents. You have always been able to go to Pixabay and download pictures to then insert into documents and slides. Recently, Pixabay has been built into an Add-on for Google Docs and into a Plug-in for Word and PowerPoint.

Pixabay for Google Docs is a free Add-on created by Learn In 60 Seconds. With this free Add-on installed you can quickly search for an image. Search results appear in the right hand margin of your document. Double-click on an image to insert it into your document. You can resize the image just as you would any other image that you upload to a Google Document.

The Pixabay Images Plug-in for Word and PowerPoint lets you search Pixabay without having to leave the Word document or PowerPoint project that you are working on. You can locate images and insert them into your document or slideshow with just one click. Once inserted, you can resize your chosen Pixabay images just as you would any image that you inserted from your computer.

If Pixabay isn’t for you, you might want to try Full Deck for Google Docs. Full Deck is a free Add-on that uses Unsplash to locate public domain images to use in your documents. Once you have found an image that you like, click the insert button that appears just below it. Like the Pixabay Add-on, you can resize your selected images by clicking and dragging the borders.

Google Slides users who are looking for something other than Pixabay images, will want to try the Unsplash photos Add-on. This Add-on gives you instant access to Unsplash’s collection of free, royalty-free photographs.

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