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How to Create Captioned Flipped Video Lessons

A few weeks ago Google introduced a new Google Slides feature that automatically captions your presentations while you speak. Unfortunately, the captions aren’t saved as part of your slides, but you can use a service like Screencastify to record the captions. And by doing that you would be making a video that could be used as a flipped lesson. Here’s the outline of how you can use Google Slides and screencasting to create a captioned flipped lesson.

Google Slides + Captioning + Screencasting

  • Create your slides as you normally would.
  • Turn on your screen recorder. For Chromebooks I like Screencastify. For Windows and Mac I like Screencast-o-matic.
  • Using the Chrome web browser enter presentation mode for your slideshow.
  • Speak clearly while recording so that Google Slides generates accurate captions.
  • Save your recorded screencast.
  • Post your screencast on your preferred hosting service for students to watch.

Building Questions Into Your Captioned Video
I recommend using EDpuzzle to add questions into the timeline of your video lesson. You can upload your video and then add questions to it. You can use EDpuzzle’s question settings to prevent students from skipping questions or fast-forwarding through a video.

How to Use Automatic Captioning in Google Slides
Watch this video to learn how to use automatic captioning in Google Slides.

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