Create Augmented Reality Breakout Games – Perfect for Geography Lessons

This week is Geography Awareness Week. A great way for students to hone their knowledge of geography is by creating and playing augmented reality geography games. Students can play AR geography games in your classroom or go outside to play them as digital scavenger hunts. Metaverse is a free service that makes it possible to create your own augmented reality games.

Create an Augmented Reality Breakout Game

Digital breakout games provide a challenging way for students to put their knowledge of a topic to the test by answering a series of questions or challenges to “unlock” a digital reward. With Metaverse you can create an AR breakout game. Watch this video to learn how to make a digital breakout game.

You can make your AR breakout games location-based to turn them into scavenger hunts in a Pokemon Go style. Location-based games will only be available to play when students have the Metaverse app open and they are in the proper location to make the game elements appear. Watch this video to learn how to make location-based AR game.

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