Amazon Cut iPad Prices, Again! Now $100 Off!

Two weeks ago Amazon put new, current generation iPads on sale for $269. Then a day later the price was reduced to $249 which was the lowest price I’d ever seen for brand new iPads. This morning Amazon has brand new iPads for only $229!

Why I bought a new iPad

I bought a new iPad because my old one was four years old and had gotten to the point that it wouldn’t run some of the new apps that I wanted to try. In particular, many of the newer AR and VR apps wouldn’t run properly, if at all. 

A secondary benefit of the current generation of iPads is that the base model offers twice the storage (32GB) of the base model of my previous iPad (16GB) at a lower price. 

Should you get a new iPad?

As I’ve written a couple of times in the last few weeks, if I was in a different line of work I might not have bought a new iPad. But at $100 off I might have been tempted anyway. 

If you want to experience all of the latest iOS features including some of the incredible AR and VR apps that are emerging, then upgrading your iPad for $229 this week is a great deal. If you are always running out of storage on your old iPad, now is a great time to update at a great price too. But if those conditions don’t describe you, then there’s probably not a compelling reason to upgrade other than to say you got a great deal.