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Creating Interactive Videos & Video-based Lessons

Last week I ran a workshop for a group of teachers of adult education courses. Teaching with video was the topic of the workshop. We spent the bulk of the time making our own videos. The rest of the time was spent on developing lessons based on existing videos found on services like YouTube and Next Vista for Learning. To build lessons based on existing videos we used EDpuzzle and Thinglink.

EDpuzzle is a free service for creating video-based lessons. You can use videos that are available on YouTube, videos that you upload to EDpuzzle, and videos that others have uploaded to EDpuzzle to create your lessons. Once you have selected a video you can add comments and quiz questions into the timeline of the video. One of the most popular aspects of EDpuzzle is that you can prevent students from fast-forwarding through videos.

My complete EDpuzzle tutorial can be watched here.

Thinglink offers tools for adding interactive elements to videos. You can use it to add interactive elements to videos that you own and upload to the service. You can also use Thinglink to add interactive elements to videos that you find on YouTube. Watch this video to learn how to use Thinglink to add interactive elements to videos found on YouTube.

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Intro to AR & VR in Education

I am hosting a professional development webinar on every Tuesday in April. This week’s webinar is an introduction to using augmented reality and virtual reality in your classroom. This webinar will show you how to use tools including Google Expeditions, VR Tour Creator, Metaverse, Merge Cube, and a few other easy-to-access AR and VR tools. Learn more and register here.