How to Create Whiteboard Videos in Flipgrid and Wakelet

Flipgrid is one of the most popular ed tech tools of the last few years. It is packed with lots of features that you can use to facilitate conversation and learning through video. One of the new features for the 2019-20 school year lets you create whiteboard-style instructional videos.

You can use the whiteboard feature to create videos for your students to watch in Flipgrid. You can also have your students use the whiteboard tools to reply to a prompt that you have given to them. In this video I provide an overview of how to use the new whiteboard function and a couple of other new functions in Flipgrid.

Wakelet is a popular platform for creating collections of bookmarks, pictures, documents, and videos to share with your students. For the 2019-20 school year Wakelet has integrated Flipgrid’s video recording function so that you can create whiteboard-style instructional videos directly in your Wakelet collections. Watch this video for a demonstration of how that works.