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The 2019-20 Practical Ed Tech Handbook

Every year for the last five years I’ve published a free ebook that is simply titled The Practical Ed Tech Handbook. This week I finished creating the updated version for the 2019-20 school year.

The Practical Ed Tech Handbook contains nine sections covering a wide variety of educational technology tools. Throughout the handbook you’ll find ideas on how to use the tools in your classroom as well as tutorials the nuts and bolts of using them. The nine sections of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook are:

  1. Communication with students and parents.
  2. Backchannels & informal assessment
  3. Learning to Program
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  5. Digital portfolios
  6. Audio recording and publishing
  7. Video creation and flipped lessons
  8. Digital citizenship
  9. Web search strategies

You can get your free copy of the 2019-20 Practical Ed Tech Handbook right here as a PDF.

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