Easy Ways to Add Polls & Quizzes to Existing Slideshows

The slideshows I use in my classroom and those that I use for conference keynotes include some interactive components. I do this in my classroom as a means to quickly gauge my students’ understanding of the lesson. There are a few tools that make this easy to do. In all cases students response to the questions on their laptops, tablets, or phones.

I used the built-in Q&A function in Google Slides until I discovered the Slido Google Slides add-on. Slido’s Google Slides add-on works in conjunction with the Chrome extension of the same name. Together these tools let you add survey and multiple choice questions to your existing Google Slides presentations. The thing that I like about Slido is that you can see your students’ responses without having to toggle between presentation and editing modes in Google Slides. Watch this video to see how it works.

If you prefer to use PowerPoint or Keynote to make slideshows, then Poll Everywhere’s PowerPoint and Keynote add-ins are for you. Both of those tools give you access to Poll Everywhere’s open-response and multiple choice survey question types through your existing slideshows.

Mentimeter is a third option for building quiz and survey questions into your slideshow presentations. You can create completely new slideshows within a Mentimeter account or import your existing slides then just add in a few quiz questions. This video provides a short overview of how Mentimeter works.

Five Fun Formative Assessment Methods

Tomorrow afternoon I’m hosting a webinar all about fun, fast, and effective formative assessment methods. This goes beyond the standard Kahoot or Gimkit games that are probably common in your school today. Learn more and register here.