12 Alternatives to Google Images

Have you ever seen someone give a presentation that included a slide containing a highly distorted picture or a picture with a watermark on it? I have. It can be cringe-worthy when an adult does it. It’s a teaching moment when a student does it.

The usual reason that people include a watermarked or highly pixelated picture in a slide is that they just went to Google Images then right-clicked and saved the first picture they liked. Google Images does have a search refinement tool that lets you search for images that are labeled for re-use. Unfortunately, that’s not always accurate and it’s a bit clunky to click through the search result then click to the image source before finally downloading a high resolution image.

There are better ways to find high resolution images than going to Google Images. Sites like Unsplash and Pixabay make it easy to find high resolution images that are in the public domain. The new Creative Commons Chrome extension lets users find Creative Commons-licensed and Public Domain images without opening a new browser window. All of these image resources and more are outlined in my updated handout 12 Good Places to Find Creative Commons & Public Domain Images. A Google Docs copy is available here and the PDF version is available here (link will open the PDF).

Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom

One of my most popular webinars in 2019 was 5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom. For 2020 I’m taking that webinar and expanding it into a five week course that will feature a deep dive into video projects for almost every classroom. The course starts January 30th. You can register here.