Vimeo Video Creator – First Impressions

Vimeo is known as a video hosting service that is popular with professional video producers. It’s also popular with people who are looking for high definition video hosting without all of the clutter of using YouTube. This week Vimeo introduced a video creation tool that you can use to create short videos.

Vimeo’s video creation tool lets you make audio slideshow-style videos. Like many similar services you can combine pictures, text, and video clips to make one longer video. Videos are assembled on a slide-by-slide basis. You can add one picture or one video clip to each slide. A small block of text can be added to each slide. One music track is added to the background of your video.

You can use your own pictures, video clips, and audio to make your video with Vimeo’s video creator. You can also select pictures, video clips, and audio from Vimeo’s media gallery.

This morning I made a video with Vimeo’s video creator. The process was a bit more tedious than I expected it would be. Unlike some similar tools like Animoto and Adobe Spark Video, Vimeo’s video creator doesn’t appear to use any kind of artificial intelligence to determine how long each frame of a video should be displayed. I had to alter the length of each frame myself. At that point, I might as well have been using iMovie or WeVideo. It was also kind of annoying that there wasn’t any easy way to change the dimensions of the video.

Videos made with Vimeo’s video creator have to be posted to your Vimeo. Once posted you can download the videos as MP4 files in a variety of resolutions.

Bottom Line

If you’re already a Vimeo user, you might like the new Vimeo video creator. Otherwise, there are better choices out there like Animoto, Adobe Spark Video, and Canva’s new video creation tool.

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