MySimpleshow – Quickly Plan and Create Explainer Videos

MySimpleshow is a neat tool for quickly creating explainer videos in your web browser. MySimpleshow show provides all of the tools that you need to make an explainer video in one place. I’ve used Mysimpleshow off and on over the last few years. Recently, it was updated making it easier to use than ever before.

There are two features of MySimpleshow that have always made it a winner in my book. First, in order to create a video, you have to create an outline before your can start doing any editing. Second, when you’re writing your outline in MySimpleshow it will automatically suggest artwork to use in your video based on your keywords.

I like that MySimpleshow makes users create an outline because it reiterates a point that I always emphasize in my video creation workshops. That point is make students write an outline before starting to record a video.

As you write your outline in MySimpleshow it starts to suggest artwork/ clipart to use in your explainer video. This feature was recently updated. In the past if you changed a keyword in your script, the suggested visuals would automatically change too. Now you can keep the same visuals until you’ve settled on your final keywords.

The other recent update to Mysimpleshow is to the overall user interface for the planning/ outlining screen. It has been optimized to be truly mobile-friendly.

Watch the following video to see the style of videos that you can create with MySimpleshow.