How to Create Sorting & Matching Games

Last week I showed a group of teachers how to use the MIT App Inventor. One asked me if it could be used to create a memory game. It certainly could be used to make a memory game. In fact, I have a student who is working on doing that right now. It’s a great exercise through which she’s learning about all of the variables and parts of the app that need to be designed.

If you’re a little more pressed for time than my student is and you just want to quickly generate some matching games or sorting games for your students to play, there are easier methods than programming your own app.

Educandy is a game builder that I reviewed last fall. Since then a couple of more game templates have been added. One of those is a matching or memory game template. To use the template you simply provide a list of words or terms and Educandy does the rest. Your game will be assigned its own URL that you can distribute to your students.

Vortex by ClassTools lets you create an online sorting activity that has up to four categories. You specify the categories and the vocabulary terms that players have to sort. Your game is assigned its own unique URL. Give that URL to students to play your game.

Matching Game is one of the many Google Sheets templates that Flippity offers. Like all Flippity templates you can make a copy of the template, modify it by adding your own words or terms, and then clicking the activity URL provided by Flippity. Try a sample Flippity Matching Game here and get the template here. Flippity also offers a template called Manipulatives. The Manipulatives template lets you create an online sorting activity from information that you enter into a Google Sheet.

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