Get Your Copy of the 2020-21 Practical Ed Tech Handbook

At the start of every school year I publish an updated version of the Practical Ed Tech Handbook. What started out as a 30 page document in 2015 is now a 64 page PDF. 

This year’s Practical Ed Tech Handbook features a few new sections. This year there is a section about accessibility, a section of time-saving tips, and a section of tips about remote instruction. Those are in addition to the usual sections about making videos, using AR & VR in education, teaching search strategies, digital citizenship, assessment tools and methods, and programming.

You can get your copy of the free 2020-21 Practical Ed Tech Handbook right here.

A plea from me!

I am happy to share the Practical Ed Tech Handbook with anyone who wants a copy. But please don’t upload it to another website without asking me for permission. Every year I find copies of it uploaded to websites without my permission and in some cases my name and website have been stripped out of it. That’s extremely disheartening.

Learn more…

Many of the ideas in the handbook are explained in greater detail in my online courses. You can register and start taking those courses right here!