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Flipgrid Meets Google Docs

Last week Google launched a new tool called Threadit that is probably best described as Flipgrid meets Google Docs. I say that not only because it lets you record and share videos with collaboration options like those in Google Docs, it’s also available to use with a Microsoft account.

Threadit lets you record videos with your webcam and record screencast videos. You can record multiple clips and “thread” them together as little chapters or segments in a series. The collaboration aspect is that you can invite people to join your thread and record video clips to add into the thread that you’ve started.

Much like Google Docs, Threadit video threads can be shared with individuals or with the world at large.

Threadit doesn’t have the cute emojis or picture frames that Flipgrid offers. But it does offer that Flipgrid doesn’t offer. The first is templates for creating threads of tutorial videos. The second is a Chrome extension that lets you record videos from your inbox!

Here’s my¬†complete video overview of how Threadit works.

One little quirk of Threadit that I did discover is that it may not work with all G Suite for Edu/ Google Workspaces for Edu accounts quite yet. If that’s the case for you, ask your domain administrator if he or she can enable it.

I can recommend:

Borrowing an idea from my friend Lee LeFever’s newsletter, I’m going to try to start working in a recommendation or two for things that aren’t necessarily educational technology tools. Some weeks this might be a book or podcast and other weeks it might be a gadget or interesting food. This week I’ll recommend Invent to Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager. And, of course, I recommend Lee’s newsletter.

Live and On-demand PD Opportunities

This Tuesday I’m hosting a webinar titled 5 Ways to Blend Technology Into Outdoor Lessons. I have three on-demand courses available here that you can start any time and revisit as much as you like for the next year.