How to Apply Custom Colors to Canva Icons

From the first time that I tried it eight years ago through today, Canva has been my go-to tool for making all kinds of graphics. I use it almost daily to create custom thumbnails for my YouTube videos. I also use it to create slideshow presentations that I then turn into videos with just one click. One of the things that I’ve always liked about Canva is that you can customize almost any element of a Canva template including the stock clip art.

Changing the color scheme of the stock clip art or icons in Canva can be really helpful in editing the overall design of your graphics and slides. Students who are looking for a way to make their slideshows or infographics stand out from the pack can benefit from applying custom colors to the stock icons and clip art in Canva.

In this short video I demonstrate how to customize icon colors in Canva.

I have more than a dozen other Canva tutorials available here on my YouTube channel including one about making comics.