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How to Use Google Forms and Microsoft Forms to Create Help Resources

A help site made with multiple section Google Forms or Microsoft Forms can be a resource where students and or colleagues can get answers to common questions. For example, you can build a form in which people who need tech help answer a question or two to conduct an initial diagnosis of their problem. Similarly, you can build forms in which students can go through a self-paced review activity that contains feedback for them.

How to Create a Help Site With Google Forms

To create a tech help site with Google Forms start by adding an opening multiple choice question that asks people to pick the topic that they need help with. Then create a section in the Google Form for each topic that is listed in the opening question. Within each section you can include video tutorials and links to additional resources. At the end of each section put in another question that lets visitors return to the home screen or exit from the Form. The “go to section based on answer” feature of Google Forms will let you direct people to the appropriate section based on how they answer the first question on the Form. Watch this short video to see how the whole process works.

Create Self-paced Review Sites With Google Forms or Microsoft Forms

The basic framework remains the same as above. The difference is in the content that is added to each section of your Google Form. The other small change is that you should add a section for students to enter their names so that you can see which students are using which sections of your guide. The whole process is detailed in this short video.

For the most part, Microsoft Forms can do the same things as Google Forms. That includes using branching logic to guide people through a series of questions arranged over multiple sections of a form. In this video I provide directions for using branching logic in Microsoft Forms.

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