A Hybrid Approach to Mind Mapping

Developing mind maps or concept maps can be a great way for students to see the connections between topics within a subject. But for some students looking at a mind map is confusing and they’d prefer to see things listed in a linear fashion. That’s why I’m a proponent of using mind mapping tools that will quickly convert to linear outlines.

Gitmind and Transno are tools that let users quickly turn mind maps into outlines and back.

GitMind is a collaborative mind mapping tool that offers more than 100 templates. You can also use it to create a mind map from scratch. Gitmind provides a couple of ways to collaborate. You can add people to your Gitmind mind maps by sending them an email. You can also add collaborators by using a link and pin code.

My favorite design aspect of GitMind is the option to quickly turn your mind map into a linear, bullet point outline. The best thing is that you can toggle back and forth between the mind map view and the outline view as much as you like without affecting any elements of your mind map’s design.

In this video I provide an overview of how to use GitMind.

Transno is a service that lets you write notes and outlines which can be turned into mind maps and flowcharts with just one click. Transno lets users quickly change the style of their mind maps which can be also prove to helpful in getting students to see connections between topics. And for students who need a little help taking notes, Transno offers some templates to follow. Here’s a short demo of Transno.

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