The Practical Ed Tech Handbook for 2021-22!

Every year for the last seven years I’ve published a new version of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook. What was once just a 35 page file has more than doubled since then as I’ve added new resources and tips.

In addition to updates to every section, this year’s version of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook includes a brand new section about creating your own educational games. Some other highlights include new resources for teaching digital citizenship, new tools for making animated videos, and a new activity for teaching research strategies. 

You can get your copy right here or as embedded at the bottom of this page.

Here’s the table of contents for the 2021-22 version of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook:

1. Communication with students and parents – page 5

2. Creating Blogs & Websites – page 9

3. Web search strategies – page 16

4. Digital citizenship – page 27

5. Video creation and flipped lessons – page 30

6. Audio recording and publishing – page 42

7. Backchannels and formative assessment – page 44

8. Digital portfolios – page 48

9. Augmented and Virtual Reality – page 50

10. Intro to Programming and Makerspaces – page 54

11. Accessibility Tools – page 59

12. Ten Time-saving ways for teachers to use tech – page 65

13. Remote Instruction Tools and Strategies – page 67

14. DIY Game Creation – page 72

Your copy of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook for 2021-22 is embedded below.

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