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Simple Project Management Tools for Students

A few weeks ago I outlined roles for group video projects. In response to that a reader asked me for suggestions for project management tools that students can easily use. So that’s what this post is all about.

When it comes to group project management I like to keep it as simple as possible for my students. To that end, two of these options work within the Google and Microsoft ecosystems and only one introduces a completely new platform.

Collaborative Checklists in Google Docs and Keep

About six months ago Google added a checklist to Google Docs. Those checklists, just like any other Google Document, can be shared between students who can then cross off items as they’re completed. In this short video I demonstrate how you can create interactive checklists in Google Documents. One of the neat things that you’ll see in the video is that you can adjust the size and style of the checkboxes by using the font menus in Google Docs.

Google Keep also has a checklist option. Those checklists can be shared between students. However, there isn’t a version history like there is in Google Docs. For that reason I prefer the Google Docs checklist option so that students (and I, if necessary) can go back and see who checked things off and when. Here’s a video that includes a demo of checklists in Google Keep.

Collaborative Checklists in OneNote

If your school uses Microsoft products, students can use checklists in shared OneNote notebooks to keep track of tasks that need to get done. The nice thing about doing this in a shared OneNote notebook is that students can see the task list in the same place that they’re doing other project work. A brief overview of how to create task lists in OneNote can be watched here.


Taskade is designed as a complete project management tool for individuals and teams who need tools for communicating with each other about their tasks. While there are dozens of features in Taskade, the core features are that when you create a list in Taskade you can set a deadline for each item within the list. Files can be attached to each item in the list. And you and your collaborators can write comments on each item in the list. A complete overview of Taskade is included in this video.

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