Get Your Free Copy of the 2022-23 Practical Ed Tech Handbook

Every year for the last eight years I’ve published an updated copy of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook. This year it took me a little longer than usual to get it done, but I’m now happy to say that this year’s version is ready to see the world beyond my Google Docs account.

People who are subscribed to my weekly newsletter got a copy of it on Sunday before I distribute it anywhere else. You can get your own copy by filling out the form below to subscribe to my newsletter. When you subscribe to my newsletter a copy of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook will be emailed to you.

This year’s edition of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook has 58 pages divided into thirteen sections.

1. Communication with students and parents – page 5

2. Creating Blogs & Websites – page 9

3. Web search strategies – page 15

4. Digital citizenship – page 17

5. Video creation and flipped lessons – page 22

6. Audio recording and publishing – page 31

7. Backchannels and formative assessment – page 32

8. Digital portfolios – page 36

9. Augmented and Virtual Reality – page 38

10. Intro to Programming and Makerspaces – page 43

11. Accessibility Tools – page 48

12. DIY Game Creation – page 54

13. Helpful things that don’t fit into one category – page 56

Online and in-person Workshops!

You can take a deep-dive into many of the things in The Practical Ed Tech Handbook in my on-demand courses or by having me conduct a workshop tailored to your school and the needs of your staff. Send me an email or fill out the form here to learn more about my professional development workshops.