Quick Ways to Check the Safety of Links

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One of the best ways to protect your computer and network from malicious software is to simply avoid opening links that appear in your email from unfamiliar senders. Additionally, you should avoid clicking on links that you weren’t expecting and those that just set off your spidey senses.

When you do come across a link that you think might be okay, but you’re not entirely sure it is okay, you can check its safety with Google’s Transparency Report Site Status tool without having to open the link on your computer. This free tool will tell you if there is anything suspicious on a web page. You can see the Transparency Report Site Status tool in action in this short video.

On a similar note, when you come across URLs shortened with Bitly or TinyURL, there is an easy way to quickly determine what’s behind those links without actually clicking on them. The trick is to simply add a “+” to the end of any Bitly or TinyURL address. When you add the “+” the URL will redirect to the Bitly or TinyURL page (respectively) on which the shortened URL is hosted and will show you what the original link was. Videos of how that works can be seen here.

majority of those problems can be traced back to malware or spyware that was installed by clicking on nefarious links. Using tools like Google’s Transparency Report Site Status or the Bitly+ and TinyURL+ tricks can help students avoid accidentally installing malware. Of course, the bigger solution is to teach students to be wary of clicking on links that they don’t expect or don’t trust.

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