APA Provides Guidance on Citing ChatGPT

About a week ago I shared the MLA’s guidance on citing work created through the use of artificial intelligence tools. The APA has also issued some guidance on citing ChatGPT.

Much like the MLA guide to citing content generated through AI tools, the APA’s guide includes examples of how to cite text generated by ChatGPT.

The APA’s guide to citing ChatGPT provides a specific template to follow. The template includes reference and in-text citations for content generated by ChatGPT. The guide does mention modifications for other tools like Google Bard.

The important take-aways from the guide are the template and the directions for citing OpenAI as an author. Read the full guide here.

If you’re not sure how to get started with ChatGPT or Bard, watch the videos below.

A Short Overview of ChatGPT

A Short Overview of Google Bard