MLA Provides Guidance for Citing AI-generated Content

In the latest episode of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions Rushton Hurley and I discussed some guidelines for student use of ChatGPT. Less than an hour after that I came across, via LinkedIn, the MLA’s new guide to citing generative AI.

The new MLA guide to citing content created by generative AI tools like ChatGPT includes a guide, template, and examples for students to follow.

The key take-aways from the guide are:

  • Don’t treat the AI tool as an author.
  • Cite the AI tool whenever you incorporate content created by it into your own work.
  • Acknowledge all functional uses of the AI tool.
  • Vet the sources the AI tool cites.

The MLA’s guide to citing content created by generative AI includes examples for visual work like drawings and text created by AI.

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