A Faster Way to Create Lesson Plans

When I started teaching there were some websites on which you might find a lesson plan, but they were few and far between. So there were more times than I care to admit in which I found myself flipping through books, bugging sympathetic colleagues, or just staring at the wall in the hopes of divine intervention inspiring my next lesson plan. Does that sound familiar to you?

Today, there are plenty of websites on which you can find free lesson plans or buy lesson plans. And in the last year a lot of sites have emerged to try to create lesson plans for you. These are all based on the premise of making lesson planning easier and faster.

Auto Classmate is the latest site that I’ve tested for developing lesson plans. In just a couple of minutes it will create the outline of a complete lesson plan for you. All you have to do is provide some basic information about your students (grade) and the lesson objective. The lesson plan will include recommended activities, time allotments, and assessments. A short overview of how it works can be seen in this video.

I’ll never advocate for not making new teachers learn how to lesson plan from scratch. Likewise, I’ll never advocate for teachers to use lesson plans created by an AI tool like Auto Classmate without reviewing them in detail and modifying them for their classrooms. That said, I think tools like Auto Classmate will be helpful in starting the process of developing your next great lesson plan.

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