Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Try the New Comments Feature on Padlet

Earlier this year Padlet introduced a new user interface for teachers then followed that up with a series of small enhancements like post attribution. Last week Padlet added perhaps the best feature yet, comments. The new Padlet comments option lets you add comments to the notes that your students add to Padlet walls. The new comments feature can be turned on or turned off by the creator of a Padlet wall. Comments can be made anonymously or you can require users to sign-in to comment. As the creator of a Padlet wall you can delete any comments written by others.

Commenting on notes on Padlet could be a great way to follow-up with your students when they write exit ticket notes on your wall. If you use Padlet as a digital portfolio, you can give public kudos to your students. I like to use Padlet as a microblogging tool. The new comments feature lets me reply to students’ blog posts.

Learn how to use Padlet’s new commenting feature by watching the video below.

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