Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Voting on Padlet Notes

Last week Padlet, one of my all-time favorite ed tech tools, added a new feature for voting on notes added to a wall. This new feature is called “reactions” and it lets you and your students give a “thumbs-up” on a note, a star rating on a note, or give just simple “like” to a note. The reactions feature can also be used by teachers to give a numerical grade to a note. To use the new voting and grading features you just need to turn on “reactions” in the settings section of your Padlet wall.

Padlet is one of my favorite ed tech tools because of its versatility. This new update brings it closer to being an all-in-one formative assessment tool. You can use Padlet to have students share ideas, to share bookmarks, to create KWL charts, and to submit exit tickets at the end of a class. You can learn more about all of those ideas in my Padlet playlist on YouTube. Padlet will also be one of tools featured in my Fun Formative Assessments webinar tomorrow afternoon.

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Tomorrow afternoon I am hosting a webinar about formative assessment. And on Wednesday Teaching History With Technology will start for those who register by midnight on October 31st.

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