My Favorite Microphone for Classroom Podcasting is Now $20 Off!

At least once a week I am asked for a recommendation for an affordable microphone for classroom podcasting and or classroom video projects. For many years I have recommended the Snowball microphones made by Blue Designs. I own two of them. One of them has circled the globe over the last five years and never once let me down despite falling off a TSA security conveyor belt a few times. 

This evening I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on Amazon when I noticed that the Snowball microphone is on sale right now. As of this evening (5:45pm ET on December 15th). You can get them for just $39. That’s $20 off the regular list price. 

I’m always asked how to use the Snowball microphone with iPads (on sale for $249 on Amazon). You can use them with an iPad if you use a 3.5mm jack to USB converter. That said, if an iPad is the primary device for your students, you might be better off by buying some of these inexpensive lapel microphones that I reviewed in October