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Get Organized With Google Classroom, Meet, and Calendar

Update! A Record Version is Now Available Here!

Like a lot of you, I’ll be using Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Calendar more than ever before this fall. I’ve been using these tools for years, but I know that many of you will be using them extensively for the first time. This webinar is for you!

On Wednesday at 4pm ET I hosted Get Organized With Google Classroom, Meet, and Calendar. This webinar is intended for those who are new to using Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet. It’s also a good refresher for those who haven’t used Classroom, Calendar, or Meet in a while and want to see what’s new and helpful.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • How to schedule and host Google Meet events.
  • Tips for keeping students engaged in Google Meet.
  • How to streamline your workflow through Google Classroom.
  • How to organize and share resources with students.
  • How to manage multiple course calendars without losing your mind.
  • How to save time when giving feedback on students’ documents and presentations.

What’s included in your registration:

  • Access to the recorded webinar and Q&A.
  • Copy of the outline/ slides.
  • PD certificate.


  • $25

Click here to watch the recorded version of this webinar!